Leveling the playing field is important to me because young women deserve the same opportunity young men are granted. When asking young boys what they aspire to be when they grow up, many of them yell out I want to be a professional baseball, football, basketball etc player. When asking young girls the same question it’s very rare they have the same response. Reason being women sports do not gain the same amount of exposure and many young women don’t even know there are opportunities past college for them to be professionals. I want to change that. When I say level the playing field I want young girls to be able to hoist bigger dreams and aspire to be more than they ever deemed possible. I want young women playing sports to believe they can achieve the impossible. While difficult goals may take awhile to achieve, impossible ones simply take a little longer. In the 58 years the Rawlings Gold Glove has been given; an award given to the best defenders that year, 2016 was the first year it was given to a woman. Before 2016 it was “impossible” for a woman to win. That door has been opened and new dreams for young women have been created. I want young women to know they’re powerful and they can break barriers no matter how large. I want them to have big dreams and work towards those dreams no matter how “impossible” they may seem.