The World Of AJ
The brand of AJ Andrews includes many different facets. Aj Andrews prides herself in being a multi-dimensional personality
with passions in the areas of sports,  modeling, fitness, broadcast, brand ambassador, and public speaking.

Being an athlete requires a strong commitment to taking care of one’s body. Muscles are beautiful and should be celebrated as they are results of the hard work and determination I put into my sport. I pride myself on being the best version of me and working out allows me to achieve that physically and emotionally.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I always know where the camera is whether I’m on or off the field. Striking poses is almost second nature to me and I have so much fun serving face at the drop of a dime. Figuring out different outfits and new uniform combinations to put together is a fun way to express myself and something I am passionate about. 



I am a very outgoing person and I come alive in front of the camera and enjoy sharing my love and knowledge of sports with others. Being a media broadcasting talent is how I effectively use my versatile on-camera and behind-camera skills and abilities towards highlighting different athletes’ personal stories and accomplishments. 

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